Taylor Banks

Cybersecurity Career Coach and Mentor, Computer & Network Security

I'm Taylor Banks, and I spent over 20 years hacking into banks and government agencies and teaching hacking and countermeasures to the Fortune 500 and the US Military. Now I help women and underrepresented minorities start lucrative careers in cybersecurity.

Taylor Banks's Bio:

Taylor Banks is a 30 year veteran of the information technology industry who's spent the past 25 years focused on computer, network and information security. Taylor is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who has provided security training and consultation across the globe on Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection and Incident Response, Security Policy and Compliance, Enterprise Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Taylor has provided consultation to the United Nations and NOAA as well as tactical security training to the US Air Force, Navy, Marines, FBI and NSA. Taylor was featured in Wired in 2006 for his work on Anonym.OS, and his security consulting practice KnowThreat has provided security, virtuatlization and cloud training and consultation to hundreds of organizations, public and private.

Taylor Banks's Experience:

  • Chief Hacktologist at ACE Hackware

    After over a decade performing penetration testing and teaching ethical hacking, Taylor launched the store he wished existed when he first began his security testing career. Where Banks and his team used to "velcro Fujitsu Lifebooks to the underside of server racks," ACE Hackware carries modern pen-test drop boxes, lock picks, bump keys and surveillance equipment for ethical hacking, penetration testing and social engineering.

  • Organizer at Cloud Computing Atlanta Group

    A gathering place and forum for discussion of all things related to Cloud Computing. This group has become the vendor-neutral (but vendor-friendly) braintrust of the Atlanta Cloud Computing community, rife with architects, developers, engineers, consultants, salesfolks and newbies alike! Come join us, and take part in the (r)evolution that is Cloud Computing!

  • Principal at Expanding Minds Initiative

    Expanding Minds Initiative LLC was established to provide technology education in a concise and comprehensive format, with a focus on proven effective real-world strategies and rock-solid, cutting-edge technologies.

  • Chief Security Architect and Director of Sales Engineering at InfoWeapons, Inc.

    As Chief Security Architect and Chief Security Officer, my responsibilities included defining, managing and enforcing information and network security processes and procedures (to exceed the requirements of ISO 27001) as well as analyzing and architecting our own network infrastructure and network security products to meet stringent guidelines and requirements (including but not limited to those of the JITC PKI, JITC IPv6 and FIPS 140 test suites). Simultaneously, as acting Director of Sales Engineering, I established and defined a Sales Engineering Practice and provided day-to-day management of all Technical Pre-Sales processes including product demonstrations, customer evaluations, network integration assistance, and ongoing customer relationship management. As a result of these efforts, I was further enlisted to take a lead role in Product Management by defining road maps, creating PRDs and working with Engineering to streamline and structure software development.

  • SE Manager at Caymas Systems

    Caymas Systems was founded to help organizations control access to critical information and applications, and in so doing control their business. As Southeast Sales Systems Engineering Manager, I was responsible for all Technical Pre-Sales processes, including warm introductions, product demonstrations, customer evaluations, and relationship management. Working with Regional RSMs and the Channel Management Team, I was instrumental in recruiting all of Caymas' channel partners across the Southeastern US, and took a lead role in providing both Sales and Sales Engineering training to new partners.

  • Board Member at Metro Atlanta ISSA

    The Metro Atlanta Information Systems Security Association (GAISSA) is a non-profit group dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and member's growth within the information security profession. As the Director of Web Operations, I deployed a content management portal to establish the chapter's first interactive member forum, career resource board and membership information portal. I was responsible for all web-facing infrastructure, content, updates and management.

  • Owner at REDvolution Technologies

    ReDvolution's team of seasoned professionals focused on developing, implementing and securing solutions that delivered immediate operational impact, while providing the flexibility needed to remain competitive in a fast-paced market. As ReDvolution's Director of Security Services and acting Co-CEO, I oversaw all aspects of Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services Delivery. I defined and delivered all Security Service offerings, including Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Architecture and Security Integration services, and I authored and delivered all security courseware including "Applied Penetration Testing," "Applied Computer Forensics," and "Advanced Open Source Security" courses. Our technology partners included ISECOM, (ISC)^2, and TechAssist, and within 6 months of establishment we had over 50 enterprise and federal customers, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, FedEx, VeriSign, and the United States Marine Corps.

  • Practice Manager, Information Assurance and Forensic Services at Vigilar, Inc.

    Vigilar is dedicated to the delivery of security solutions of exceptional quality, design and value that enable customers to mitigate and manage security risks that threaten their competitive advantage or market position.

  • Senior Security Engineer at VeriSign, Inc.

    Designed and Developed Open Source Security course Co-developed Applied Hacking and Countermeasures course Certified VeriSign PKI Engineer/Instructor Certified CheckPoint Engineer/Instructor Certified Nokia Engineer/Instructor Certified NAI Engineer/Instructor

  • Owner at KnowThreat

    KnowThreat is the product of extensive collaborative experience providing network and information security architecture, design, research, development, implementation, consultation, and training to individuals, businesses and governments, large and small. KnowThreat provides VMware Certified Training as well as virtualization infrastructure design, architecture, implementation, performance and business continuity consulting.

  • founder at kaos.theory/security.research

    k.t/s.r was formed to bring together the brightest minds in the information technology and security communities, willing to contribute their ideas and dedicate their free time and energy, to create and innovate in an effort to organically and holistically improve the state of information and network security worldwide.

  • PoC / Organizer at DC404

    The DEF CON Groups (DCGs or DC-Groups) are a gathering point for folks interested in the alternate applications of modern technology. DCG meetings are open to anyone, regardless of skill, age, job, gender, etc.

Taylor Banks's Education:

  • Georgia Perimeter College

Taylor Banks's Interests & Activities:

Privacy, Security, InfoSec, Hacking, Entrepreneurship, Ecommerce, Startups, SEO, Technolust, Travel, Diving, Skiing, Eating, Location Independence, RV Life, Digital Nomad